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Tudor Branch Wilderness Trust:

Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your teacher
William Wordsworth

The Tudor Branch Wilderness Trust was founded as a vehicle through which developers, builders, politicians and citizens of Columbia County, Georgia can understand, and encourage the importance of greenspace preservation and environmental stewardship. The Trust’s fundamental mission is to protect and enhance the wonderful natural resources which are found within the Tudor Branch Wilderness Park. Trough a successful park management program, the Trust will provide the foundation upon which residents of the Tudor Branch community and the people of Columbia County can increase their awareness and understanding of the environment and the need for our society to embrace sustainable development practices, which balance human needs and conservation. Through involvement with the Trust, area residents will begin to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of living in close proximity to a healthy natural environment.

Upon the Founding of Augusta, Georgia in 1745, all of the regions west of the central city of Augusta proper were considered “Frontier.” Situated at the transition point of the geological “Fall Line” (where Piedmont meets coastal plain) the wilderness immediately west of Augusta, in what is today’s Columbia County, represented a very beautiful, fertile region of opportunity for those with the fortitude to travel beyond the city.

Today, the “frontier” to the west of Augusta is not so far away, and is distinctively different than Colonial times. Much of what was pristine forest, farmland and Indian Territory now accommodates, often times, unconnected development in the form of suburban sprawl. Recognizing the need to establish higher standards for greenfield development in the Augusta area, Columbia Road Ventures, under the management of Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Company, planned the Tudor Branch community in a manner which considers the preservation of valuable greenspace as a necessity. At Tudor Branch, the effort to preserve approximately 140 areas, of a 350 acre planned unit development, as the Tudor Branch Wilderness offers area residents, students, children and researchers a priceless opportunity to live, play and learn in a balanced environment

The Tudor Branch Wilderness Trust was founded to serve as the steward of the Tudor Branch Wilderness, and as the mechanism through which people of the area can establish a more sincere appreciation for the beautiful natural environment of this region. As an operating foundation, under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the Trust will maintain the flexibility to obtain funding through many public and private sources, for a myriad of projects and programs which compliment the organization’s overall mission.

The primary responsibility of the Trust is the stewardship of the Wilderness Park. As part of fulfilling this responsibility, however, the Trust will consider the pursuit of a myriad of relevant projects which will ultimately serve to increase the awareness of and appreciation for the Park.

Initially, the creation of a master plan for the Park will establish a road map for the long term physical care and improvement of the Park land, and the resources within. From the initial creation of simple walking trails, improvement of bird and other wildlife habitat, to the construction of observation areas, picnic pavilions and outdoor class rooms, the Trust will guide the realization of the master planning process. Once the physical improvements have been made, in accordance with the master plan, the Trust will oversee the ongoing maintenance of, and care for, these improvements

As the master plan becomes reality, through the realization of physical improvements, the Trust must continue to establish new relationships with individuals, groups, area schools and organizations which can bolster the Parks’ mission through participation and long-term partnerships.

Initially, the basic Park infrastructure will be funded by Columbia Rd. Ventures LLC. Ongoing, persons purchasing property in the Tudor Branch Community will be obliged to make a contribution to the Trust, which will provide for consistent, long term funding for Park operations. As the Trust becomes more established, staff people and volunteers will seek other funding sources for the Park mission, through grants & fundraisers. More specific and ambitious projects must be achieved through the active participation of area residents and volunteers who also embrace this mission. A board of directors and volunteer committees will meet as necessary to assist with both regular operations and long range planning for the Park and the organization.

The Tudor Branch Wilderness Trust represents a tremendous opportunity for the Augusta area. With the appropriate civic spirit, we now have the appropriate framework to obtain great things, while setting a higher standard for our community.

For more information, you may call us at 706.863.1965 or 706.868.0556, or you can email us at: Info@TudorBranchAugusta.com.
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